Why Does Your Business Need SEO?
  •  70% of links search users click on are organic.
  •  When consumers are exposed to both search and social media influences by a brand, their overall search click-thru-rate went up by 94%.
  •  The #1 driver to websites is search, beating out social media by more than 300%.
  •  SEO Leads have a 14.6% close rate, while leads from advertising have a 1.7% close rate.*
* Stats Courtesy of Search Engine Journal
Stop missing out on sales and traffic! And stop spending thousands of dollars in advertising! 
Get instant access to all 15 modules, and the Private Facebook Group for help and support along the way!
By the end of this course you'll be able to...
FINALLY Understand and master a complete Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Move your website up significantly in search - Even to the very first page!

Drive more traffic and convert that traffic into more sales.
How are you going to do that?
Big SEO For Small Businesses, is a 15 module course designed to walk you through everything you need to create a comprehensive SEO strategy that will get you to the first page in Google Search, drive more traffic to your website and help convert that traffic into sales. 
In this class we'll review:
In the first 3 Lessons we'll walk you through:
  •  Why SEO is important
  •  The 2 different strategies around search
  •  Diving deep into finding the perfect keywords and key phrases you want to show up for in search.
In Lessons 4, 5 and 6 we get technical:
  •  How to incorporate keywords on the front and backend of your website. (No tech knowledge needed!)
  •  Meta Data and how to use it.
  •  How to take advantage of linking throughout your site.
This is sure to become a favorite lesson you'll want to go back to time and time again. We'll be showing you:
  •  The in's and out's of Google Search Console.
  •  How you can use it to track your progress and see exactly how everything is working for you.
These 6 lessons dive deep into one of the most important things you can do for long term traffic and sales growth, blogging.
  •  We turn "blog" from a 4-letter word into a streamlined strategy that will do some serious heavy lifting for your brand. 
  •  Topic starters and idea generators included.
The final lessons in this class take you beyond the basics as we explore:
  •  How to use video to increase SEO.
  •  The importance of linking (and how to do it).
  •  Introduce you to our favorite FREE tool for instant first page placement in local search.
Access to these special bonus features!
  •  Website Tech Guides - designed to walk you step-by-step through the more technical aspects of the class. 
  •  Closed Facebook Group - Updates, support and answers to all your questions along the way.
Get instant access to all 15 modules, and the Private Facebook Group for help and support along the way!
"I felt so overwhelmed with SEO and improving my website; I saw similar information everywhere but it all meshed together and I was way too overwhelmed to know where to begin in putting anything to practice! They made is so easy by breaking things down into simple steps and walking you through it all! I started on page 15 for my targeted keyword search on Google and immediately jumped to page 1 after the course! This is the best investment you can make for your business!”
Audrey Massart - McInerney
Massart Photography
"I feel so fortunate to have found Tuni & Amy of Hub Digital Marketing to help me understand our business' SEO needs and evolve to better serve our clients. So far, (since I expect to soon be taking more) I have taken two online courses through Hub Digital - "Stop Whining, Start Blogging", and " Big SEO for Small Business". The information provided in both these courses was professional, productive and well designed... Working with Amy & Tuni really help to give me the confidence to tackle our needs and made me a better business owner."
Kimberly Rabago
Per Diem
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Get instant access to all 15 modules, and the Private Facebook Group for help and support along the way!
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