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Join Amy, of Hub Digital, and a group of likeminded entrepreneurs and small business owners, as we deep dive into a 5 month, high level, Mastermind, guaranteed to help you drive more traffic, more sales and grow your business online. 
Due to the high level of support only 15 spots are available!
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Does any of this sound familiar?
Are you confused about what you should be doing to market your business online?

Are you tired of missing out on tons of leads and traffic?

Do you know you should be doing "more" but just aren't sure what "more" is?

Are you looking for an easy to follow marketing plan that you know will work?
Are You Ready to Rock Your Digital Marketing?
"I've been working with Hub Digital now for about 5 months, and to be quite honest I wish I had done this 5 years ago.... Since starting with Hub Digital, I've seen growth every single month for the past 5 months. So, if I had done this a long time ago I can only image where my business would be."
- Ian Manning, Orthocore PT
What if we told you that in less than 5 months, you will have put together a complete, and sustainable, digital marketing plan that is proven to drive more traffic, convert more leads and increase your business revenue? 
Meet Amy Fields
Amy founded Hub Digital marketing in 2013 with a goal to help small businesses achieve big results online. Through years of working with, and coaching, small business clients, ranging from large corporations to solo-entrepreneurs, she has honed the absolute best, and most effective, strategies to promote your business online. She combines authentic content creation and ingenious repurposing methods, with the latest SEO and marketing techniques, and then break everything down into easy to understand modules made specifically for the small business owner.
Is This Program For You? It Absolutely Is If.....
  •  You know your business could be doing better, you're just unsure how to grow it.
  •  You're ready to take your business to the next level and drive more traffic and sales in a few months.
  •  You know you need a marketing plan but aren't sure where to start.
  •  You know you need a marketing plan but don't have the time to research the best strategies.
  •  Your time is tight and you're looking for the most efficient and effective marketing strategies.
  •  You're looking for easy to understand, sustainable teachings that you can easily implement on your own business.
  •  You're ready to do your own marketing, but want support, encouragement, answers to your questions, and the affirmation that you're doing it right.
Can you relate to any of those statements? 
Almost 4 months in, we now find ourselves on page 1-3, depending on the search term we put in, and in the past month we’ve had at least 2 new clients a week. Every one of them says they found us Google. I guess moral of the story is if your on the fence about whether or not to sign up for it, definitely do it! ... 100% worth the investment and time!"
- Brittany and Ashley, Blooming Tree Maternity
This 5 Month Mastermind Includes:
10 In-Depth Training Sessions
Deep dive into Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Paid Advertising and how you can utilize each of them to further your business and drive more sales.
Group Check-In Calls

Connect with fellow group members and the Hub Digital team to review your lessons from the week before, get answers to questions and help implementing everything for your particular business.
Members Only Group

Join a special, closed, members only Facebook Group where you can get support and answers between calls and trainings. The group will remain open long after the Mastermind ends for continued support.
Access to Experts

Additional monthly trainings from industry experts ranging from social media influencers to business experts. Get the best-of-the-best advice and insight on a variety of marketing topics.

Tech Support

Get help implementing a variety of marketing tactics from setting up Facebook ads, to optimizing your website for SEO. No matter what level you're starting at, we will walk with you through each step until you are an expert. 
Unlimited Email Support

Ask any question, or just get the support you need, from Amy and Tuni every step of the way. Get personalized one-on-one attention and answers specific to your business and your needs.

"Working with Hub Digital has been the best decision I made for my business this year... I have learned so much and my business has grown.."
- Tina Monaco, The Monaco Group
So What Exactly Will You Learn?
That's the most important question, right? The 10 in-depth trainings will be broken down over the course of 5 months and will deep dive into the most effective, and efficient, marketing strategies guaranteed to help you drive more traffic, more sales and grow your business online. Those trainings include:

Month 1
Search Engine Optimization: One of the most effective marketing tools, optimizing your website for search will help you get heaps of organic traffic that you don't have to pay for. Learn how to research the most effective keywords, optimize the backend of your website (with tech support when needed), and create content structured for search. By the end of this segment you'll have started to:
  •  Move your website up to the first page in search 
  •  Drive more organic website traffic
  •  Get more qualified leads to your website without paying for them
Month 2
Blogging: Blog doesn't need to be a 4 letter word! Learn how to painlessly (or as painlessly as possible!) create written and video content optimized for search. Use that content to authentically connect with your target audience, and convert those on the fence into paying customers and brand advocates. These trainings are chock full of blog idea starters and planning tools to streamline the entire process. By the end of this segment you will have:
  •  Scheduled an entire year's worth of blog topics
  •  Learned the best practices of blogging for maximum efficiency and conversions
  •  Stopped stressing and created a streamlined process for creating content
Month 3
Social Media Marketing: Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Unsure of the different platforms and how to use them most effectively? Deep dive into each individual platform, learn the ins-and-outs, and how to utilize each of them to drive more traffic, authentic connections, and ultimately sales for your business. By the end of this segment you will have:
  •  Mastered the following social platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest
  •  Created an effective strategy in utilizing them to create customers and brand champions
  •  Optimized all your platforms for maximum SEO and website traffic
Month 4
Email Marketing: Permission based email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to deliver a very targeted message to a very targeted group of potential clients. Learn our top techniques for growing your list, as well as our best practices for balancing your outreach between content, give-a-ways and sales. By the end of this segment you will have:
  •  Picked the perfect email platform and learned how to master it
  •  Began building out an engaged email list who can't wait to read what you have to say
  •  Created an effective email campaign schedule that balances informative pieces with sales pushes
Month 5
Paid Advertising: Get the full picture on a variety of different advertising opportunities including Facebook, Pinterest and Google Adwords. Learn best practices and get step-by-step instructions on how to set each of them up to get more traffic to your website, promote specific sales, or simply increase your digital presence. By the end of this segment you will have:
  •  Learned how to set up the highest-converting ads on Facebook, Pinterest and Google
  •  Stopped wasting money on ads that aren't getting you leads or customers
  •  Put together a strategic and successful ad strategy that will fit whatever budget you have
"I would highly recommend Hub Digital for your online marketing needs. I have a small physical therapy practice and Hub Digital has been pivotal in helping me grow my business over the past year. Their expertise has helped build my online presence, develop my brand and optimize my SEO which has definitely helped drive business. One of the best things about Hub Digital is that they work in such a fun, kind way that it makes the online marketing process fun. Even for someone who is not tech or social media savvy like me!"
- Greg Crossman, Complete Game PT
Now's the time. Let's Drive Your Digital Marketing and drive more traffic, more sales, and more sustainable business growth in 5 short months.
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